Saturday, 13 October 2012

Voice sms for making marketing personalize

Voice sms is making sms personalize. With increasing use of bulk sms for marketing, marketers think a step ahead and want to give a personalize touch to the marketing. This is possible through, voice sms. With the help of voice sms, a recorded voice message of a fixed duration ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes and send it to the desired customers. Voice sms is gaining importance for marketing because of the following reasons:
·         It can be personalized as per the needs of the marketers.
·         It can be sent in the language people understand, that is in any local language too.
·         It is more connecting then text sms.
·         You can convey any message to the user with the help of voice sms.
There are many voice sms provider which provide different rates to send voice sms. Depending on the requisite,check out service provider, for making marketing campaign-a success. Voice sms can send all across country and in the language you want, in order to target different regions of the country.
When getting voice sms services, check out these things:
·         Time duration of the message provided by service provider.
·         Rates charged by service provider.
·         The area covered by provider for sending voice sms.
·         Send out the entire message fast.
So, if these few mentioned things are provided to send voice sms, by service provider, you can opt for the services. In all, every industry of the market can make use of sms industry and make their marketing easy and fast. Sms solution is meant for every industry and there are various apps which can easily meet requirements of every marketer.
Bulk sms are in use as they are affordable and give international access also in affordable rate. There are many companies which provide voice smssolution to its clients and various other services too. When you Google out for voice sms service, you can find choose any company that meets your requirement of marketing and fits in your budget too.
Therefore, start Google, and check out different service provider. 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bulk sms for marketing


It is no more a buzz using bulk sms for marketing products and services. Rather it has diversified with needs of the customers. Bulk sms India is making its reach in every industry in order to have strong presence in customer’s mind. With growing needs, bulk sms providers provide

  • Voice sms facility
  • Long code services
  • Customized solution
  • International sms
  • Sim hosting
  • And many more…
Providing these facilities is the need of the hour, in order to be in race to stay ahead and provide the best. Bulk sms is increasing awareness amongst users, and people want latest info about products and services through sms. Bulk sms is used in two ways:
  • Either customers sign up on their own to receive sms
  • Marketers get data from the market through various sources and send info about their products and services, offers and discounts, promotional info, product launch etc.


There are many companies which provide bulk sms India services, thus making it easy for marketers to select the best option out of the rest. One can make comparison amongst service providers, rates they are providing, delivery rate, DnD services, and so on. This comparison will help in making a better and smart decision.
Marketing of products keeps changing from time to time, depending on the change in market scenario and customer’s demand. Marketing started with print, television, they internet, then social media and now mobile marketing. All types of marketing are in use, depending on their requirements. When marketers want to inform whole public, they use bigger mode of marketing, and when they want a personal touch to the marketing message they use bulk sms India or social media sites.
Marketing is all about selling product, wooing customer and bringing the business, increasing profit and lead others in market. Sms is part of day to day life and people check their messages as soon as they receive it, do chatting, and enjoy the cheap way of connectivity.
So if you also want to start up your business and want people do know about it, nothing can be better than bulk sms. It is cheap, fast, reliable, easy, convenient, and simple and has a mass reach in less time.